Focus & Accountability - individual coaching


Focus & Accountability - individual coaching


Victoria, Australia


<p>This program works best with regular contact, each session includes a two hour coaching call and two follow-up emails sent personally by Rachel. Sessions can be held fortnightly or monthly. Each session will give you focus and action items, with follow-ups keeping you accountable to actions and deadlines.</p> <br /><p>These calls are not structured to give you freedom to discuss any issue related to business, life or self you maybe having at the time. You set the timing and also the length of the program. Here are some incentives to work consistently with Rachel:</p> <br /><p>At 3 calls: Receive a surprise power gift by mail</p> <br /><p>At 6 calls: Receive a reason to indulge yourself</p> <br /><p>At 10 calls: Receive a BONUS planning session with Rachel - setting you up for a successful year</p> <br /><p>Once booked and paid you will receive a link to enable you to book a time with Rachel for this session.</p>
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