Come on a journey of skin deep self-care with me!

Somaly Long Australian skincare, Bright skin facials, Women’s events. Focusing on skin deep self-care through natural skincare and events.

The problem is that our skin is a product of many factors, this includes the food we eat, our lifestyle, and our physical environment as well as the products we use or don’t use on our skin. This is why we need to consider our habits and external environment if we want healthy, glowing skin.

Everyone should take the time to better understand and educate themselves on what is good for their body and skin type. It is best to use products that work for them, it’s never going to be a one shoe size fits all.

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Meet Somaly Long.

I’m Somaly Long, my journey into skin care, events and fashion was a stumble and constantly reshaping due to Covid19… so you can call it evolutionary strategy.

What I mainly do is run Women Glam Day Out and Picnics and Facials. My Women Glam Day Out is very EXTRAVAGANTLY FUN!  Professional women, mums, and women in business get dressed up and go out to a beautiful venue for the day.