If you are a woman entrepreneursmall business owner or professional woman looking for a supportive community, then Business in Heels is for you. We are practical, authentic and encouraging.

We want to see business women making a difference and to do this they need to be successful. Through our 3 pillars of education, marketing and networking we work to enable relationships that yield results and provide you with exposure to our large and growing community. Wow, an instant audience of up to 150,000.

Driven by the understanding that women do it differently, we work to connect women locally and globally.  Locally our Branch Directors connect, inspire, educate and create business opportunities for their members. This can be done through a regular series of events, our fortnightly encouragement of coffee dates and referral days.

Globally through our website we have created a business networking hub where you can explain what you do, you can grow your network through our online events and you can drive business through our marketplace Xchange. If you are looking for inspiration you can explore our extensive blogs, our education platform, listen to our podcast or watch some amazing interviews.

It's all about you.

Your Business. Your Way. Your Success.

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