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Mentoring, education & inspiration

Gain focus & clarity to achieve

Empowering female leaders

and Entrepreneurs to step into their future

Are you serious about achieving?

2 out of 3 Businesses fail in the 1st 3 years 


Less than 20% of women make it to senior management 



50% of women get no Mentoring support


At Business in Heels, we are enabling business & professional success through & for women.

We will fastrack you on your road to success.

We help you gain clarity, become focused & achieve success through our key services of mentoring, education, connection, and marketing. Whatever your needs we can help with Services that make a difference; like digital marketing websites & ecosystems to career-focused mentoring.

We all need supporters and a network to grow so become a part of our collaborative community of 200,000 plus women.


Our vision is to create an unlimited future for women

Be connected with thousands of other business women today and join over 200, 000 globally in our collaborative community.

What are my choices?

Starting Out Plus

A$69 / year

$100 Naked wine voucher

Access Mentor Mornings & SAVE 20% on all other events

Access members only education.


Growing Promotional

A$199 /yr

All Starting Out Plus Benefits

$98 event money

Unlimited Blogging shared to 38K

Business on Directory

Career Boost

A$199 / year

All Starting Out Plus benefits

$98 event money

1  x Mentoring session

What our community think…

Business in Heels is by far, the best networking group – certainly for me – that I’ve come across in years. Each time I join a gathering, I am confident that I will meet interesting, like-minded businesswomen who are curious, thoughtful, and respectful. Hallelujah

Angela Smith

Founder & Facilitator

Mind Your Mojo


Business in  Heels gave me a community of pure inspiration. It also provided a mentor network with lots of great advice and most of all support and encouragement. I started my own business this year and it has been a steep learning curve and having the ability to reach out to a group of mazing people has been invaluable.

Bree Webster


As an executive in a very fast-paced, growing business, having the support that Business in Heels provides is an absolute necessity and has kept me ‘off the ledge’ and working in the right direction, in fact, it is helping me to really enjoy my role and grow as an executive and a person.

Marika Mintern-Lane