Eat to Heal

Our LIFE Formula Program is designed to improve your health quickly, educate you about your body and uncover the critical links between diet and autoimmunity. For many people who suffer with an autoimmune disease, the daily impact on your physical and mental health can be debilitating. You may feel brain fog, fatigue, bloating, pain, depression, anxiety as well as the mental health impacts come as a result of living with these symptoms. I created everheal out of necessity. Just like you, I was struggled with chronic fatigue and brain fog as a result of Multiple Sclerosis for many years. In 2018, I decided that I needed to make a positive change, and embarked on a 12- month endeavour to find a natural solution that would help me feel better. I researched the remarkable links between food and autoimmunity from some of the top researchers and functional health practitioners around the world. And the results were remarkable! The impact these changes have made on my everyday life have been nothing short of amazing and I felt a moral duty to share my findings with you to help you live your best life too!

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Meet Allyson Brown 

The Director of Everheal and creator of the 4-Step LIFE Formula Program. She completed her PhD in Analytical Research in 2010, has presented Nationally at the 2020 Virtual Disability Expo and has been featured in TickerNews, TickerInsights, MS InTouch Magazine, and was an acclaimed speaker at the 2022 Symptom Free MS Summit. After suffering from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since 2005, Allyson was forced to resign from her corporate job due to debilitating fatigue and brain fog. However, Allyson’s life changed forever when she discovered the healing properties of food, which helped her overcome these symptoms and restore her quality of life. Allyson then researched recommendations from experts and functional medicine practitioners from across the globe, to discover the critical links between gut health and autoimmunity, and ultimately how to use food as medicine! Allyson is now dedicated to sharing her research and LIFE Formula Program to help educate, encourage and empower fellow autoimmune sufferers about how to improve their health naturally, so they can get the most out of life too!

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