Lighting up your ideas with words that connect


When words aren’t your thing, it looks like your competition has them all figured out. Their ideas and personality just seem to flow effortlessly onto the page to create connection, achieve results and generally make miracles happen.

Offering on-brand, thoughtful and Google-pleasing messaging for small to medium businesses, with copy that cares about your business as much as you do.

Any size, all budgets, goals big or small, I just know, all the way to my keyboard-tapping fingertips, that I can bring value to your business.

SERVICES : SEO Copywriting | Product Descriptions | LinkedIn Profiles

Meet Lauren Minns.

Let me do the heavy word-lifting for you so we can tell your audience about your Why, and why they need you.

Let’s dig into those wonderful ideas and dreams of yours to find the hidden gems. That extra sparkle and pizazz that makes you, and what you offer, unique.