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 The Pink Tribe offers vibrant and interactive workshops & seminars to empower businesses and individuals, to assist them find their Sparkle and be the best version of themselves. Allowing them to not only improve business culture and outcomes but also to build meaningful relationships with everyone in their life, to enable them to put some sparkle in someone else’s day!

SERVICES :Workshops and Seminars|Small Business Mentoring Solutions|Public Speaking, Mc & Event Hosting|Staffing Solutions

Meet Amanda Carr

“Having worked at the pointy end of customer service my whole career I am still able to say I am as intrigued by & “love” people as much as ever. After successfully building 2 businesses over the last 10 years, it all culminated in the sale of my independently branded real estate office in 2019, this has given me the freedom and time to chase my dreams.
I am now on a mission to live my purpose through The Pink Tribe, were I get to share, inspire and support others to find their inner sparkle.”
– Amanda Carr

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