A Divine Sisterhood For Conscious Women on a Mission to Achieve their Soul Purpose Collectively 🌟  

“My mission is to empower 1,000s of women to drive a cause that lights them up, so they may discover, build, or expand their soul tribe and live the life of their dreams!” Collectively, conscious women on a soul purpose journey empower each other – not one above the other – to shine our light of wisdom and strength by sharing and listening with love. Allowing for the uniqueness of all of us and encouraging growth from a win-win perspective to help us create the change we want to see in the world.

SERVICES : Society Lady or Society Influencer Membership – details provided on our website

Meet Michelle Pavel 

2022 is my year to manifest my soul purpose goals and shine my light a little brighter day by day. My purpose is to help women on a mission to make a positive impact on humanity to discover, co-create, collaborate, & manifest their purpose driven goals. This is why I created ‘Mission Driven Women Society’, so collectively we can nurture, empower, and reward each other for our visions to make a positive impact on society. With Society Lady hosted workshops, networthing events, secret society glow ups, mastermind sessions, focus groups, discussion groups, luxury retreats, community and social events for fun and business. I believe, “It’s not just business, it’s personal”. For professional Corporate or business experience please refer to my LinkedIn profile that sharing my skills and experience in business systems, process management, customer success & loyalty, technical writing, copywriting, marketing, and more in over 20 industries.

WEBSITE :www.missiondrivenwomen.com.au