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Music Branding. The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Music Branding may be a new concept you have not heard of before. But it has been around for years and is an incredibly powerful tool.

For instance, do you remember the iconic Vegemite, I love Aeroplane Jelly and the Qantas advert I Still Call Australia Home?

Without even realising, you have grown up with music that has framed your ideals, moved your emotions and directed your buying power.

We believe that music has the power to create authentic bonds between brands and their customers that last a lifetime.

We create a unique musical identity – a signature voice for your brand to cut through the noise, and make you more visible, relevant and connected to your audience.

We call it your ‘Branthem’ – Your Brand Anthem.

SERVICES : Brand Anthem | Brand Jam – Team building workshops

Meet Dene Menzel

We are a multi-award winning boutique agency based in Melbourne reimagining the way that brands connect with their audiences.

Our Purpose is to pioneer the synergy of sound to make a deeper connection that bridges the gap between brands and their audiences.

Our Mission is to create unique musical identities that cut through the noise and makes brands more visible, relevant and connected to their audiences.

We help forward-thinking businesses unlock the true potential of their brand through the power of music. It is these kinds of businesses that we love working with – those that are bold enough to embrace their own uniqueness, and emerge as true leaders in their industry.

Winner 2020 Stevie Awards – Innovation In Branded Entertainment

Winner 2019 Wyndham Business Awards – New & Emerging Micro