The 4C’s for success as a woman in leadership

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As a leadership and development coach, I am energised by helping individuals break through the obstacles preventing them from leading the life they desire.

My work is about inspiring women to break through barriers in their life or career so they can become the unstoppable leader they’ve always wanted to be while still gaining satisfaction from their accomplishments.

Helping women of all ages from their 20s and beyond who are feeling stuck, uncertain, lacking confidence, or unsure whether they have the skills or confidence to take the next step in their life or career; to understand and release the negative narratives that limit their growth and development, improve their quality of life and boost their career trajectories is a privilege. 

Watching their negative inner-self talk and doubt diffuse and freedom and self-confidence unfold motivates me to do the work I do. Each day, I coach and raise awareness of key lessons I personally only learned later on in my career.

At Mind Matrix, we focus on coaching for successful leadership (without the personal sacrifice, which comes so naturally to many, enculturated from a young age). Many women I have had the pleasure to work with, coach, or know through networking and social groups either want to move into leadership roles or find themselves in leadership positions without the training and support required to fulfil their roles successfully. When speaking with them about being in leadership or aspiring for leadership roles, in many instances, only basic management training, if any at all, has been provided. This has often failed to prepare them for leadership positions – positions that significantly differ from management.

The abilities of women far exceed what they believe. We often think we cannot have or be more, or are troubled by that little voice telling us that we don’t have the skills, are not being heard, or are not capable of taking on new challenges. Well, you are capable, you can be more, and you are more. Being a leader of others starts with being a great leader of self. Our capabilities and strengths shine if we lead ourselves with clarityconfidence, clear communication, and capability. These four C’s are the secret to ensuring balance and satisfaction as you grow from an uncertain to an unstoppable leader. 

Our Women + Leadership program commencing this August empowers current or aspiring female leaders to overcome their lack of confidence and shortfalls in communication to effectively and capably lead with purpose, and with the ability to influence and inspire those around them. 

Over the coming weeks, I will be publishing a series of articles focused on these four key attributes (4C’s). We will look at clarity and its role in identifying our core story, understanding our purpose and what we want. We will discuss confidence and what holds us back from speaking up and trusting in our abilities. From there, we will dive into communication, its role in leadership and relationship building and what we need to do to find our voice. Finally, we will look at what it means to be capable and have the inner power and ability to achieve our goals.

I believe that anyone who has learned something of value can use those learnings to support and benefit the progress of others. I hope to do so with each of you on this journey into the four C’s for success as a woman in leadership. 

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May 27, 2022

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