Out of the Box Executive

Creating Possibility. Building Confidence. Challenging the Status Quo. Delivering Commercial, Environmental & Social Prosperity


Quite simply, “Out of the Box” is our philosophy. It’s how we think, the way we engage, the opportunities we help create and our collaborative approach to problem-solving.

We challenge the status quo. We help you see and create possibilities, and build your confidence to explore.

We guide you to strategies and future pathways for you to take charge. We test you to dig deeper and find solutions that are better for people, the planet and your bottom line!

Achieving optimum performance for boards, executives and businesses is always our goal. We do this through professional mentoring, facilitation and performance and development programs

SERVICES : Expert Facilitation | Master of Ceremonies for Events & Conferences

Directors & Chairs: 1:1 Mentoring | Peer Group Mentoring

Boards & Committees: Independent Assessment and Review | Performance Optimisation Programs | Facilitated Strategic Optioning | Independent Board Chair Services

Executives, Professionals & Business Owners: Aspiring Board Director Program | 1:1 Mentoring For Career Development and/or Transition | Business or Functional Strategy Development and Implementation

Meet Jo Plummer.

I help Boards, Businesses, and Executives, to perform at their optimum and deliver outcomes beyond their purpose and value proposition.

WEBSITE : https://outoftheboxexecutive.com.au/