We are dedicated to creating earth friendly, Art Jewellery and accessories that At Golden Light Designs our mission is to help bring light energy and love to all corners of the globe.

Golden Light Designs is a business founded on the principles of divine energy and intuitive business practices. We believe that taking an intuitive, spiritual and heart centred approach to all aspects of our business will bring abundance, joy and happiness to ourselves, our clients and humanity as a whole.

Our art jewellery is designed intuitively to bring through divine light energy that both its wearer and the earth needs at this time. We use only genuine, quality crystals and materials that undergo a full energy clearing and divine light recharge throughout the production process.

All our intuitive business solutions are created with the highest intentions, integrity and energy to help ensure positive outcomes for clients.

SERVICES : Communications and Marketing | Websites | Energy and Crystals | Mentoring and Coaching | Speaking Engagements

Meet Jo Martin.

WEBSITE : https://www.goldenlightdesigns.com/