Intuitive Whispers

Australian Non-Toxic & Organic Beauty?  

Intuitive Whispers is a boutique brand of natural deodorants & Parfume Oils. Within a short space of time, our signature product-‘Breast Care Deodorant’ evolved from our owner’s many breast scares to receiving multiple national awards – Australian Non-Toxic & Organic Beauty. Subsequently the creation of our artisan Parfume Oil range. Also achieving many national awards & most proudly ‘Best international Artisan Fragrance Award’ our first International Award. Intuitive Whispers offers completely non-toxic, clean & vegan luxury products.

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Meet Jane Vendermeer

Intuitive Whispers has evolved due to our Founder, Jane’s own experiences & health challenges.

She has always loved beauty, fashion & glamour.

As well as health, wellness & spirituality (before it was even a thing)

Yet, keeping her worlds separate.

Jane had tried so many natural deodorants, that either didn’t work properly. Upon closer inspection, there were hidden nasty ingredients!

Parfumes that contained so many chemicals. Yet, I love wearing parfume.

On a trip to Paris, whilst immersing herself in the fashion, culture & treats. Jane was also furthering her studies. Creating & blending parfumes & aromatherapy.

Voila, her two worlds are now one!

Beautiful products. Artisan. Yet multifaceted. Multidimensional. Healing ingredients. Ethically made for the conscious consumer.

Carefully considered ingredients full of love & care!

100% designed, made & Melbourne owned.