Sherren Edkins Consulting

Courage to grow | Focus to succeed | Inspire to lead

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset – an investment in people is an investment in an organisation’s future.

Sherren Edkins Consulting can unlock the immense potential of your people, working with leadership teams and employees to set clear goals for growth and striding boldly towards them.

Heavily invested in empowering others to reach their true potential, Sherren has been referred to as an inspirational leader, thought provoker and game-changer in workplace culture. An expert in developing leaders and their teams.

Sherren brings expertise with experience along with passion to develop an organisation through their people.

SERVICES : Workforce Development Program | Coaching & Mentoring | Online Training | Reflect, Reset & Rise

Meet Sherren Edkins.

Wow, it is hard to believe that I am here, Director and owner of my own business. A long envisioned passion to empower leaders, inspire teams and give rise to workplace culture that is values-based, respectful, inclusive and of course full of fun and laughter.

Up until now I have worked full time in government and corporate settings as a senior manager and leader, in the organisational development and capability development sphere, while living my passion and true purpose in my ‘spare time’ coaching amazing individual leaders.

I reached a point where my passion for developing emotionally intelligent, confident, and courageous leaders was pulling me to hard so I am stepping out to offer my services to you full time.