The Secret Formula for an Unforgettable Signature Talk!

By: Casey Squires |  Speaking Coach and Signature Talk Specialist

If Oprah called you tomorrow and asked you to fill a speaking spot that afternoon, what would you say? 

Would you shout YES, knowing that you have an unforgettable Signature Talk that will captivate any audience?

Or would you politely decline, cursing your younger self for not being prepared with an amazing message that you can deliver from the stage?

Chances are that most of us would fall into the second category. It goes without saying that to have a real and lasting impact your voice needs to be heard, and this is where having a Signature Talk is everything.

A Signature Talk is a captivating presentation that you can roll out on cue for both virtual or in-person stages, and ultimately what you become known for.

It shifts your audience’s perspective, causing them to see the world differently whilst also allowing them to see themselves in the world differently. Most importantly, it shares your story in a universal way that has your audience feel that you ‘get them.’

As a woman in business this is a must-have lead generation tool that attracts your ideal clients whilst enhancing your credibility and profile, presenting you as the no-brainer expert on your topic. But not all talks are created equal. To be an unforgettable and electrifying Signature Talk, there are three elements that you absolutely MUST get right: 

Core Message: What is your awe-inspiring message that the world NEEDS to hear? This begins at the intersection of your expertise (what you know), your experience (what you’ve been through) and your excitement (what you are passionate about).