Gender Equity Awards Individual Finalists

Women Powering Retail

Their Influence, Excellence & Inspiration!

The Leadership Summit: Women in Retail, held on 2nd June, was a transformative and empowering event that united the retail industry for a day of inspiration and growth. 

With an engaging keynote, thought-provoking panels and enriching professional development workshops, attendees were immersed in a wealth of knowledge and insights. Attendees were captivated by an empowering keynote delivered by the esteemed retail veteran, former Sportsgirl CEO, Colleen Callander. (Read about Colleen on pages 8 & 9)

Throughout the event, attendees were enriched by engaging and thought-provoking panel discussions featuring prominent retail businesses such as Kmart, Cotton On, T2, Mecca, and Amazon. These insightful conversations provided immense value and were a source of great enjoyment for all participants.

Guests actively participated in enriching professional development workshops, which provided them with valuable insights and growth opportunities. From How to Make One of Your Disengaged Employees One of Your Best, to All Roads Lead to Confidence, to Saying NO to Imposter Syndrome and Stepping into Leadership. The workshops appear on the following pages with clickable links to find out more from the Workshop Expert Presenter.

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Lisa Sweeney

Negotiation: The Secrets to Creating a Win-Win Outcome

Do you find yourself frustrated with the outcome of your negotiations, receiving flat no or less than ideal outcomes?

In this workshop you will learn:

1. The power of persuasion & influencing

2. How to set yourself up to achieve your goals

3. Tips & tools to keep the negotiation moving

4. How to create win-win outcomes 



Linley Watson

5 Secrets to Sustaining Your Energy and Performance

Are you sacrificing your wellbeing and personal life for your career?
Linley’s workshop will explore how to boost your energy levels, sustain your performance, and find your balance so you can excel in all areas of life.
1. Uncover the keys to maintaining your energetic wellbeing
2. Identify what truly matters to you and align your actions with your core values
3. Discover easy techniques to regain balance, refocus your efforts, and replenish your energy
4. Gain insights on keeping all aspects of your life on track, not just work

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