Trish Springsteen

Saying No to Imposter Syndrome – Stepping Into Leadership

Key takeaways from Trish’s workshop

1. What is imposter syndrome – understanding and recognizing those limiting thoughts

2. The power of believing in yourself – focussing on your strengths

3. Owning your uniqueness – your unique set of skills are an asset to your leadership

4. Why feedback and support is important to your growth as a leader

5. 60 Seconds of Insane Courage – embracing your role as a leader – acknowledging your leadership journey

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Tina Daisley

Do you dream of building a high-performing team, with the right culture?

Tina’s workshop,  Building High-Performing Teams with the Right Culture, explains:

1. How to overcome typical challenges leaders face.

2. How to transform while building organisational and individual resilience.

3. How to emerge from change with super-charged courage, confidence and capability.

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 Karen Chaston

Are you struggling with a difficult employee?

Key takeaways from Karen’s workshop “How to make your disengaged employee, one of your best or get them to leave!”

1. Learn how to make your worst employee, one of your best or get them to leave.

2. Your People and Your Profits are Connected

3. The three ‘must-have’ insights that ensure your people, purpose and profits are thriving.

This is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover

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Kistin Gunnis

Do you feel undervalued and underpaid?

Kistin’s workshop, Valuing Your Worth, will teach you practical ways to:

1. Calculate your value

2. Increase your earning potential

3. Position your salary increase request

4. Steps after a salary discussion

With Australia’s national Gender Pay Gap currently at 13.4%*, it is imperative that you understand your level of worth. Women currently earn an average weekly ordinary fulltime wage of $1,558.40 compared to $1,812.00 for men.

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