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5 Actions Small Business Can Do to Play a Big Part in Gender Equality?

Small businesses can play a crucial role in promoting gender equality in the workplace by taking the following five actions:

1️⃣ Provide Equal Opportunities: Small businesses can ensure equal opportunities for both men and women by implementing fair hiring and promotion practices. This involves removing bias from the recruitment process, setting clear criteria for promotions, and providing training and development opportunities to employees based on their skills and potential rather than their gender.

As Executive Officer of Regional Sporting Organisation GippSport, Dan Poynton understands that to positively impact the gender imbalance on the sporting field they would need to start with their own organisation. He is incredibly proud of the work they have done to recruit and develop the women on the GippSport team. “It hasn’t been easy. We had to chase down funding and invest equitably in women to address the imbalance that is historical in the community sport sector. As a result, one of our team completed the Foundation Company Directors program, others finished the various Government funded Emerging Leader’s program and three traineeships have been established.

2️⃣ Foster a Supportive Culture: Creating a supportive culture that values diversity and inclusion. 







In the convergence of goodwill and meaningful actions lies a vision where empowered women and men thrive together harmoniously. It is a world that embraces everyone, fostering growth and prosperity. Step into a celebration of equality and progress, where every individual’s contribution is valued and together, we build a brighter future for everyone.

Welcome to the Gender Equity Awards, an award ceremony that seeks to inspire a wave of positive change by recognising exceptional ORGANISATIONS and INDIVIDUAL advocates who champion gender equality. Through their remarkable stories and best practices they pave the way for others, offering a path to success for all.

These prestigious awards are more than just acknowledgments; they are beacons of hope, radiating inspiration across borders and cultures. By celebrating the efforts of organisations and individuals, we aim to ignite a spark of determination and unity – creating a brighter future for everyone!

At the heart of this celebration lies the power of storytelling. As we share stories of triumph, resilience and innovation, we encourage others to join the journey towards a more inclusive world. Best practices become guiding stars, leading us all towards a fairer and more equitable society.

So, who will emerge as the champions of gender equity in the lead up to the Awards on 15th November?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the Gender Equity Awards will leave an enduring legacy of empowerment, inclusivity and cooperation. Together, we can build a brighter future where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute to a world filled with harmony and success.