Kamila Wolyniec

How Strong is You Personal Brand?

The key takeaways from Kamila’s workshop on how to make a killer personal brand are:-

1. Key components of personal brand and your value proposition
2. Why congruence and authenticity are key to your brand success
3.  4Cs formula to a killer personal brand that will transform your reputation
-4. Why professional success and marketing have a lot in common
-5. How to promote your brand with an equal measure of grit and grace

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Tina Daisley

Do you dream of building a high-performing team, with the right culture?

Tina’s workshop,  Building High-Performing Teams with the Right Culture, explains:

1. How to overcome typical challenges leaders face.

2. How to transform while building organisational and individual resilience.

3. How to emerge from change with super-charged courage, confidence and capability.

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 Leesa Tongoulidis

Re-imagining your Career in Uncertain Times

We all need to develop new skills, ways of thinking and being as we align to a world that is hyper connected and constantly in flow. Thriving in uncertainty is all about re-imagining and creating the future by design. Key takeaways from Leesa’s workshop.

1. Creating a Vision of Success
2. Re-examining Career Drivers
3. Overcoming Barriers
4. Identifying Transferrable Skills
5. Discover Hidden Career Pathways

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Kistin Gunnis

Do you feel undervalued and underpaid?

Kistin’s workshop, Valuing Your Worth, will teach you practical ways to:

1. Calculate your value

2. Increase your earning potential

3. Position your salary increase request

4. Steps after a salary discussion

With Australia’s national Gender Pay Gap currently at 13.4%*, it is imperative that you understand your level of worth. Women currently earn an average weekly ordinary fulltime wage of $1,558.40 compared to $1,812.00 for men.

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