The Malaysian Branch


Meet Stephanie Lee, and the team on the ground in Kuala Lumpur; Belinda Choong, Karen Choi and Susie Lim. They have been enjoying some fabulous events such as coffee dates and  Mentor Tasters.

Stephanie is our lead for Business in Heels in Malaysia, is also the Director of Quest Data Link Sdn Bhd, a B2B service provider in the oil and gas industry, which she co-manages with her husband.
After an illustrious 28-year career in the corporate world, Stephanie took a leap of faith in 2022, embarking on a new chapter as an entrepreneur. With an extensive background in sales, business development, product development, and international business across diverse industries like financial services, information technology, and payment sectors.
                                                          Stephanie’s vision is to establish a safe                                                            space where women could come                                                                        together, share their experiences, and                                                              inspire one another to reach new                                                                      heights of success and confidence.

                                                          Stephanie firmly believes that each                                                                 woman brings a unique set of skills and                                                           talents to the  table, and by connecting                                                           incredible women with one another,                                                                 she  can help forge powerful alliances                                                               and collaborations.