Every bottle of Ms Gina sold, raises money for the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation and crucial research.

Let’s get real … everyone knows somebody who has a vagina.

We all began in lady parts, we were all born from lady parts, now it’s time to save them. 

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We don’t want to alarm you, but we do want to arm you. Do you have twenty close female friends? Of course, you do, why wouldn’t you? Well, one of them will experience a gynaecological cancer, and right now she probably doesn’t even know it’s growing inside her.

Every 1.3 hours, an amazing Australian woman, like you, me, or one of our gal pals, is diagnosed with a gynae cancer and every 4 hours an Australian woman like us, dies from a gynae cancer. That’s six women gone by the time we open a bottle of wine tomorrow night!

Almost one third of these women will die within 5 years. We can change it, but we need your help! 

Research works, we know this from breast cancer … 40 years ago breast cancer and gynae cancer had a similar survival rate: less than 70%. Now, breast cancer has a survival rate of 92% but gynae cancer survival is still only 68%. What happened? Breast cancer receives at least ten times more funding!

There are 8 gynae cancers but only cervical cancer has an early screening and detection test. Once the other cancers are detected it’s often in the advanced stages and by then it’s too late. We can change this. We are aiming to have no cancers diagnosed in the advanced stages. Help US! 

We are The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation – the only organisation that focuses on funding lab research into ALL eight gynae cancers. We provide research grants to Australia’s best and brightest medical brains, so they can find new ways to screen, treat and conquer gynae cancers.

We’re small BUT we punch way above our weight – why? Because we want to look after all our lady parts. 

Our research grants will give you, us and your gal pals a fighting chance. Early detection saves lives. Research means early detection.

Visit www.agcf.org.au and donate to save a sister.