Elevate Your Skills:

Discover Our Empowering Workshops at the Leadership Summit for Women!

As we inch closer to the Leadership Summit for Women on Friday, 31st May 2024, we’re thrilled to unveil the lineup of empowering workshops designed to elevate your skills and propel your career forward.

Leading with Influence & Integrity – How to Have Conversations That Inspire Action: Life Puzzle’s Chandell Labbozzetta

In this new era where the many are fighting to ‘win the war on talent’ you will learn how to create an environment that paints brightness of future for your team and attract quality candidates. Our Leaders are Confident to Communicate their Messages, Collaborate and Lead their Internal and External Stakeholders with Influence and Integrity.

In this workshop, Chandell will cover: How to Create Confidence in your Communication abilities to deliver with authenticity & integrity, Learn a simple methodology for solving problems and get results with Self/Others, Reduce the Complexity of Emotional Conversations while Harnessing Human Connection in Leadership and Eliminate ‘Confused’ Messaging in top down, bottom up reporting structures.

The Art of Digital Sustainable Growth – RQ Media Narelle Hutchesson & Morgan Schulz

Today trying to cut through the noise in the marketplace & ever-changing channels is a challenge to achieving sales growth. Learn how by adopting a consistent tech approach to reducing waste you can deliver sustainable growth no matter whether it is fashion, travel or FMCG.

Takeaways: Don’t accept complacency, The power of constructive challenging, The role of the advisor, The importance of focus and filtering out the noise and The power of data-driven decisions

Developing the Confidence to Ask: Peeplcoach’s Christine Khor

Since the beginning of time women have been socialised and conditioned to “wait to be asked”. We are taught to be patient, to wait to be asked out, to wait to be asked for your hand in marriage and to wait for your promotion. Whilst we are waiting, less qualified but confident people are moving ahead of us whilst we feel unheard, unrecognised, and exhausted.

In this session Christine will share:  What are the fears making us wait and stopping us from asking?  Tools and language to help you to ask for what you without shame or guilt.  Understanding the cost and consequences of not asking for yourself and those around you.


How To Attract And Retain Gen Z In A Retail Career – Numensa’s Beverley Chambers

The retail sector, rooted in tradition, may struggle to captivate the interest of Gen Z, who seek dynamic and innovative career paths. Attracting and retaining this generation in retail poses a challenge, as the industry may need to evolve to align with Gen Z’s desire for excitement, innovation, and purpose in their professional pursuits.

Growing Connections, Building Business: Caprice’s Danielle Lowe

Growing businesses today is challenging. It is not easy to bring new products to market that have real impact at retail. To be quick, creative and meet consumer demands you need to have great relationships and collaborative mindsets.

Key takeaways are: Expansion – two families coming together to form Caprice (historical lens), Resourcing – factory joint ventures, growth through and innovation (talking to sourcing), Licensing and Brand Alliance – talking to the longevity of our licensing partnerships and networking to grow new, Industry Progression and Development – Ethical sourcing and sustainability, our learnings through partnerships to take a lead in this field and the Future – passing it on, our relationship with RMIT and the importance of giving back and Speed Networking

State of the market – Roy Morgan’s  Michele Levine

Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine is a highly sought-after expert on the Australian retail environment and the underlying trends that drive consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions in the marketplace – more important than ever in the fast-changing retail landscape of 2024.

As well as providing an update on the current retail trends we are facing, Michele will provide insights into how she made her way to the top job as CEO of Australia’s largest independent market researcher and why this path is available to any woman who is prepared to challenge herself.

In an era when smart, collaborative, win-win-win leadership is more sought after than ever before Women are uniquely well-placed to pursue leadership opportunities in the business world and beyond.

Each of these presenters brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you enhance your skills and thrive in your professional journey.