Women on the Rise to Watch!

“The Power of Why? Women on the Rise to Watch!” is not just a feature; it’s a celebration of purpose, resilience, and the extraordinary journeys of women who have dared to ask, “Why not me?” As we unveil the stories of these trailblazers in this issue, we embark on a collective exploration of the driving forces behind their remarkable successes.

For each woman featured, “The Power of Why?” is more than a question; it’s a guiding principle that has propelled them to carve their paths in the business and entrepreneurial realms. These women have tirelessly worked to build their brands, overcome challenges and establish themselves as influential figures in their industries.

The magazine serves as a testament to the diverse experiences and accomplishments of women who have risen to prominence, breaking through barriers and redefining success. It is an opportunity to showcase the strength, determination, and innovation that women bring to the forefront of their fields.

As readers, you’re not just flicking through the pages of a digital magazine; you’re stepping into a world of inspiration, connection and empowerment. Get ready to be inspired by the journeys of women on the rise – Sheetal Pillai, Liz Grant, Donna Kessler, Nina Hargrave, Karen te Lintel, Heather Kennedy and let their stories fuel your own pursuit of success.

“The Power of Why?” is not just a feature – it’s a movement, and you are invited to be part of it.