Evolution of Entrepreneurship:

A Journey Fueled by the Dynamic ‘WHY’

Meet Heather Kennedy

My entrepreneurial journey has been fuelled by a dynamic and evolving “WHY” that has shaped my path over the 24 years of my business life. Initially, my motivation stemmed from the necessity to provide for my two children while maintaining the flexibility required to be an active Mum. This drive for flexibility has continued to be just as important for me over the past decade, when my mum came to live with me, and I took on the role of her primary caregiver.
The profound importance of flexibility has driven me to create a platform that empowers other women to do the same. Most of my employees over the years, have been mothers seeking that elusive work-life balance, who have loved the flexible framework I have created. This “Why” is forefront to me again now, as my daughter, who is my Client Manager, is expecting her first baby, and my first Grand baby in April.
Looking ahead, a new dimension has been added to my “WHY” – transforming my business into a platform for my own semi-retirement in the next decade or so. My goal is to create a scenario where I can operate at my own pace, free from intense deadlines and pressure, whilst my business continues to thrive and grow and support me through semi-retirement. This will also give me some time to work on another goal of mine, which is driving change to the perception of Bookkeepers, who, I believe, are highly under-valued. It’s a big task to make this all work, but I have a huge WHY…
Q What are your future aspirations and goals as a woman on the rise in the business world, and how does your ‘Why’ factor into your vision?”
My future aspirations as a woman in the business world are multifaceted. I am now looking at what I can give back to my Industry and the business community, whilst establishing a secure and meaningful, semi-retirement platform for myself.
On the home front, I am working towards cultivating a business that operates seamlessly without my direct involvement. Additionally, I aspire to make my business an attractive asset for potential buyers in the future, to secure a legacy for my children and grandchildren.
On the wider front, I am determined to challenge and reshape the prevailing perceptions of the Bookkeeping Industry, with the goal of contributing to its evolution. Currently, there is a big lack of understanding of what Bookkeepers do, and the differing role of the Bookkeeper and the Accountant/Tax Agent in a business. I aim to do whatever I can (for example writing blogs and/or a book, or speaking at events) to educate the Business Community in the crucial and unique role that Bookkeepers play in a successful business.
These visions are deeply rooted in my ‘Why,’ and I hope to make a lasting impact on my family and my industry and secure a meaningful future for the generations to come.