From Aspiration to Attainment:

Women Climbing the Senior Leadership Ladder

Women across the finance, insurance & superannuation sectors have several barriers to attaining equality.  As of 2022, there was a gender pay gap of 28.6%, highlighting a substantial disparity between male and female earnings in this field. The WGEA data shows that the financial services sector comprises 54.3% women and 45.7% men. However, women are in only 10% of CEO positions, 31% key managerial roles. We need more women as senior leaders and we need to level the pay gap.

This is the motivation behind the Leadership Summit for Women in Finance, Insurance & Super. Planned for Friday, March 1st, 2024, it is designed to showcase a range of amazing leaders, pathways, tools and resources.

We’re excited to briefly introduce our inspirational keynote speaker and you can learn more about them in the following articles.

Jenny Saliba, CFO at Australian Unity, is a trailblazer in finance, trusted by CEOs and boards for her transformation expertise. Her extensive experience spans financial services, real estate, health, and education. Jenny is deeply committed to building the next generation of leaders.

Ana Marinkovic brings over 20 years of financial services experience to her role as Executive GM at NAB’s Small Business Bank. She has led complex transformations and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Our summits are famous for the spirited and amusing panel discussions that showcase senior executives. The topics covered are designed to give participants ideas about pathways, overcoming barriers and anticipating future opportunities. Check out the panellists on the next page.

Particpants will then learn from our Expert presenters some key takeaways with short impactful sessions on:

Leading with Influence & Integrity – How to Have Conversations That Inspire Action. Chandell Labbozzetta, Life Puzzle

Factoring Boards & Committees into Your Career. 

Developing the Confidence to Ask.  Christine Khor, PeeplCoach

Valuing Your Worth.  Kistin Gunnis, Business in Heels

Being Cyber Safe – A Personal & Parent’s Guide. Corein Vermaak, CISCO

Don’t miss this transformative event celebrating and empowering women in finance, insurance, and super. Secure your spot and elevate your career!

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