It Takes a Village to Drive Change

Imagine a world where gender equality is not merely an ideal but an everyday reality. It’s a world where individuals of all genders have equal opportunities, where bias and discrimination no longer shape one’s destiny, and where everyone’s contributions are equally cherished. This is the world we are striving for, and the driving force behind the Gender Equity Awards is Business in Heels, led by CEO Lisa Sweeney, who invited everyone attending to contribute to “our village.”

In our village, parents instil in their children the belief that gender should never hinder their aspirations. Teachers inspire students to challenge stereotypes and embrace their full potential, irrespective of gender. Employers recognize the value of diverse perspectives and work diligently to eliminate wage gaps and bias in the workplace. People tirelessly advocate for policies promoting gender equity, while everyday citizens display kindness and empathy, recognizing our common humanity.

At the Gender Equity Awards, we learnt of the amazing initiatives that people have implemented and what individuals are doing to make a difference. Excellence was acknowledged and celebrated.

We all had a brief glimpse into these activities and we know you need more. Following on from the night the Business in Heels teams are working to broadcast the good behaviours activities and policies. Keep an eye out for the Live interviews being streamed with Winners and finalists, informative blogs and we anticipate monthly Gender in the Workplace webinars. On 20th March, the Winners’ breakfast is scheduled which is explained further on in the magazine.

Consider the incredible power we wield when we unite as a village. When we join forces, our village ensures that change becomes an enduring reality. It truly takes a village to drive change.

Missed the night? WATCH the short Video below.

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Company – General Small Business (employing 5 – 99)      

Coulter Legal


iSTEM Consulting



Company – General Mid-Sized Business (employing 100 – 499)    

FB Rice


The Ascott Limited

Company – Large Enterprise (500 – 1500 employees)




IDP Education


Monash IVF Group

T2 Tea


Company – Enterprise Business (employing 1500+)      







Individual – CEO/Board  

Aamir Qutub

Ana Marinkovic

Bianca Hartge-Hazelman

Carly Irving-Dolan

Christopher Smith

Dan Poynton

Dr. Morley Muse

Dr. Susan McGinty

Individual – Diversity & Inclusion Manager     

Georgegina Poulos

Kim Gascoigne

Marcelle Harrison

Steph Sands

Individual – Senior Manager    

Agnes Flego

Angela Smith

Carina Parisella

Cynthia Calderon

Divya Pasupuleti

Garran Duncan

Kyra Galante

Mel Jose

Sheeza Shakeel

Tenille Saffin

Individual – Manager      

Anita Thomas

Janani D’Silva

Katura Halleday

Ren Zhang

Angie Wells

Individual – Employee     

Emma Brown

Jody Kershaw

Udaya Kulkarni

Yasmin Zancanaro