Creating a Cycle of Success for Rural Business Women

An interview with Liz Grant, Startup Coach


For Liz Grant it’s all about building sustainable communities.  Her focus is on businesswomen in rural & regional communities. “Women play a key role in these communities, and by supporting them to build their own businesses, I’m enabling them to make their community stronger and more resilient.”, says Liz.  Our goal is to empower women to build a business with repeat customers; a business with its own community.

While it’s all about the fundamentals of business, it’s also about growing a business that aligns with your values. We start with your ‘why’ and who you want to serve and then we find out what your customers really want. We then help you design, plan, launch, grow and scale using proven methods.

“At the heart of what I do is a strong commitment to sustainability and making a real difference in rural and regional Australia. I grew up in a regional area and have lived in regional Australia most of my life. Even with so much available online, people living in these areas face unique challenges because they don’t always have easy access to solutions like those in larger cities. This situation encourages them to be creative and resourceful. Local businesses are more than just shops or service providers; they’re crucial in supporting and enhancing the life of the community”, says Liz.

Question: “What are your future aspirations and goals as a woman on the rise in the business world, and how does your ‘Why’ factor into your vision?”

As a woman who is successful in the business world, my future aspirations are aligned with my commitment to fostering community growth through entrepreneurship. My primary goal  is to support 1,000 startups in regional areas – a milestone that would, in turn, grow the economies of countless small towns and regions, including my own. This objective is rooted in my ‘why’ – the drive to nurture sustainable communities through business.

By helping startups build solid foundations and achieve their objectives, and especially by empowering women in these communities, I aim to create a ripple effect of prosperity and resilience. “I love teaching women how to attract and retain repeat customers to build a sustainable business.” 

It’s about more than just profits. When women in rural and regional areas are successful, they support others to succeed, which creates supportive, thriving communities where each success inspires more creativity and growth. My vision is to see communities thrive through the success of their businesses, with each venture being a testament to the power of sustainable, community-based entrepreneurship.