Numensa stands out as a catalyst for recent graduates seeking to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world through its robust Internship Program. Recognizing the common challenge faced by graduates—lack of experience—Numensa offers a strategic solution that not only benefits the interns but also adds significant value to its host companies in the retail and consumer product sectors.

The Numensa Internship Program unfolds in two stages: the Preparation stage and the Placement stage. The journey begins with a free career consultation with Numensa’s experienced career consultants, where individualized advice is provided based on the graduate’s career goals. Following the consultation, graduates can choose between standard and premium internship packages, paying the relevant fee to initiate their career journey with Numensa.

During the Preparation stage, Numensa collaborates with participants to develop essential tools for career success, including CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and personal branding. Graduates are then connected with suitable intern partners and prepared for interviews, setting the stage for a seamless transition into the Placement stage.

The Placement stage is marked by the selection of an internship with one of Numensa’s host companies. These companies, spanning various industry sectors such as beauty, fashion, furniture, food & grocery, liquor, hard goods & electrical, and DIY, provide hands-on experience in dynamic, ever-changing environments. Numensa ensures that all internships are guided, maximizing the relevance and impact of the experience.

Host companies benefit significantly from participating in the Numensa Internship Program. Not only is it completely free for them, but it also serves as a strategic talent acquisition tool. By tapping into Numensa’s extensive network and industry expertise, host companies gain access to a pool of screened, motivated candidates. The program streamlines the recruitment process, offering a seamless experience for both host companies and interns.

The cost-effective nature of the program and the flexibility of paid or unpaid internships, with the possibility of a small travel/lunch allowance, make it an attractive proposition for companies looking to invest in the development of future leaders. The Numensa Internship Program aligns with the needs of the retail and consumer product markets, addressing the challenge of finding skilled talent while simultaneously providing graduates with the crucial experience they need to launch their careers.

In conclusion, Numensa’s Internship Program is a win-win for recent graduates and host companies. It not only equips graduates with the experience required for their first job but also empowers host companies to discover and nurture emerging talent within their industries, fostering a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between education and the professional world.

If you want to get involved in the program by offering an internship to a student or recent graduate, contact Beverley Chambers on 0438 089 632 for more information.