RQ Media

 RQ Media, the performance fanatics!

RQmedia is an award-winning media agency helping brands grow from good to exceptional. Specialising in performance media, email and content production, we blend data-driven precision with innovation and proprietary technology to drive sales and deliver superior business outcomes.

We’re data scientists

Our secret to success is grounded in our deep understanding of your customer.

We combine data, technology and cultural trends to design powerful strategies that connect your brands with the right audiences.  Narelle, with her PhD in marketing, leads the team, to base strategic decisions on data, respond quickly to individual business requirements and ultimately deliver results: week on week, month on month, year on year.

We’re performance fanatics

We’re obsessed with your business goals – and delivering value at every turn.
That means, when it comes to your media program, we never stop monitoring refining and optimising. And we never stop finding ways to give you more for less – using real-time insights for maximum impact. First party data is the most crucial asset in the cookie-less advertising world and we know how to use it, to make revenue through email to audience targeting in ads. Content also drives media performance and being agile and responsive to the audience and channels can no longer be ignored. 

We’re expert allies

RQmedia is more than an agency. We’re a dedicated partner, 100% invested in success.
Transparency, accountability, collaboration. These are the pillars of any meaningful partnership – and underpin all we do. We also bring a strong agility mindset to your media, email and content services. As your needs, your customers and the competitive landscape change – because inevitably they will – so will our strategies and solutions.

With over $50 million of media under management, we are an expert Google Premier Partner for ecommerce and omnichannel marketing, a valued Microsoft partner offering exciting betas to our customers and delivering goals with Meta and LinkedIn. RQmedia has offices across Australia and teams in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, supporting a global client base.

We have an end to end solution, with expert teams, to disrupt the status quo and continually exceed performance metrics.

RQ Media

RQmedia is part of Merchantwise Group, a leading brand management, marketing and media agency.

To learn more about how RQmedia can support your business, contact Dr Narelle Hutchesson: narelle@rqmedia.com.au or visit our website: rqmedia.com.au.