Empowering Others to Understand Their Numbers

An interview with Karen te Lintelo, Virtual CFO


My passion is to use the skills I have to help others.

Being financially literate is empowering for both individuals and business owners. Once you understand the story behind your numbers the sky is the limit.

Q What advice do you have for other aspiring women entrepreneurs in finding and staying committed to their ‘Why?

My “why” is not just the core of my business but of who I am. Being able to manage your own finances is empowering in many ways, and for me, was the reason I was able to leave an unhappy and controlling relationship. I am able to support my children and live a happy and fulfilling life, all while being in control of my own financial destiny. Your “why” is who you are, be proud of it and use it to drive you everyday, especially on the hard days. Don’t let anyone dull what makes you shine.

About Karen: With 25+ years’ experience in the finance/business sector, working her way from the ground up to the highest echelons of her field, across a number of industries with the Australian and Multinational sectors in the Asia Pacific region, and coupled with her extensive qualifications, her continued professional development makes Karen well placed to offer a unique and valuable perspective to anything presented to her.

She loves helping people become Financially Literate, offers services ranging from training, NDIS support to being your Virtual CFO. 


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