Michele Levine

Michele Levine, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Morgan. Michele Levine was born with a passion for people and what makes them tick, social justice and an insatiable curiosity about life.

With over 40 years’ experience as a researcher, Michele has been responsible for thousands of surveys, including many of the largest research projects ever undertaken in Australia, many of which continue to play a critically important part in shaping our society today.

With a fundamental belief in the empowering value of information, Michele was instrumental in the development and refinement of Roy Morgan Single Source, the world’s leading consumer study (based on over 60,000 interviews a year) and, in 2010, the introduction of the Roy Morgan Business Survey.

Michele was ahead of her time in foreseeing the exponential growth of big data and, consequently the need for software (like ASTEROID) which can manage and order massive volumes of data – as well as the need for highly trained analysts and data scientists who can help make sense of it.

Still a proud ‘researcher’, she is a hands-on CEO, personally involved with the company’s core products and the results of the company’s surveys on a daily basis.

Most recently Michele is determined to go beyond ‘measuring and understanding’ to ‘creating change’ and ‘making a difference’.

The recent release of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) first ‘Gender Pay Gap’ data for all Australian businesses with at least 100 employees proved Roy Morgan is at the forefront of driving gender equality in Australia.

The WGEA data showed Roy Morgan’s Gender Pay Gap of 0.0% – ie no gap – is one of the best in business compared to an overall gender pay gap of comparable companies of 29.3%.

Even more impressively, the latest figures on Roy Morgan’s ‘gender pay gaps’ for managerial roles show women in ‘key management positions’ are paid an average of 18.5% more than men in these positions.

Under Michele’s leadership Roy Morgan understands the immense value women bring to a company in leadership roles and strives to bring talented women into the company and on pathways to managerial and executive leadership roles.

Women’s Leadership at Roy Morgan is the essential factor which drives the success of the business in the competitive environment.

A popular speaker at seminars and conferences and sought after by the media as a knowledgeable and thought-provoking social commentator, Michele has ambitious plans for Roy Morgan as a world leader in providing information that matters.