• Society expects women to give, not take. Women aren’t taught to ask for what they want.
  • Women are told that they can have it all and do it all – so they don’t ask for help.
  • The lack of women leaders results in a lack of mentors to help emerging women leaders.
  • Organisations don’t invest in emerging and developing
  • leaders to give them the skills they need, and women are especially neglected.
  • Women feel they need to pay for their own development. Women don’t make the time for their own development.


We thought WTF, so we created WLTF!

Introducing Peeplcoach’s Women Leaders programs 

Things need to change. To achieve sustainable change, the development of teams and cohorts of women in leadership roles, rather than just isolated instances, is essential. So we’re going to use our expertise and experience in our industry to help where we can. That’s why we’ve created our Women Leaders of the Future (WLTF) programs.

 These three programs for future women leaders are designed to fast-track the development and success of high-potential emerging and developing leaders. Our Women Leaders programs will help your female leaders to accelerate their personal, professional and business impact.

Stop saying WTF and start saying WLTF!

Contact us to discover more about our programs at peeplcoach.com, 1800 PEEPLC or hello@peeplcoach.com