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Coulter Legal: Trailblazing Gender Equity in the Workplace – A Model for the Future

In a historic achievement, Coulter Legal, has received the prestigious Best SME award at the Gender Equity Awards for the second year in a row. Anne O’Loughlin, Managing Principal, takes immense pride in steering transformative change at Coulter Legal, where an impressive 79% of the staff are women. In an exclusive interview, she shares invaluable insights into the challenges faced by both men and women in balancing work and family responsibilities.

One of Coulter Legal’s groundbreaking moves was the promotion of a team member to a Principal Lawyer position. What makes this achievement truly remarkable is that it occurred while the employee was on parental leave. Anne highlights the firm’s commitment to dismantling traditional barriers, stating, “We want our team to feel confident returning to work, knowing they can seamlessly slot back into their roles.” Notably, the promoted team member successfully transitioned to a part-time schedule upon her return, something unheard of for a Principal in the law industry, showcasing the firm’s dedication to flexible work arrangements. “We’ve created flexible working arrangements, compressed working weeks, and the option to work from home. Our goal is to alleviate the stress of juggling professional and family obligations,” Anne explains. Recognising that caregiving responsibilities extend beyond traditional family structures, Coulter Legal supports employees caring for elderly relatives, fostering children, or managing various responsibilities.

A standout initiative is the introduction of 18 weeks of paid parental leave for all employees, irrespective of gender or caregiving roles. Anne highlights the importance of continuing superannuation payments during parental leave, providing women with financial empowerment and maintaining their superannuation entitlements.

Coulter Legal goes beyond gender-specific support, offering leave entitlements to address family or domestic violence, emphasising the firm’s commitment to inclusivity and support for all team members. Anne proudly emphasises the success of reintegrating employees after parental leave, showcasing instances where lawyers were appointed to leadership roles while on leave. “Communication is key,” she advises. “Listen to your people, allow them to voice their concerns, and act on their needs. Encourage open channels of communication to understand career aspirations and address hurdles.”

Her advice for those passionate about advancing gender equity is simple yet powerful: “Don’t be afraid to be bold, innovative, and agile. Keep informed about industry challenges and communicate effectively. By doing so, we can create workplaces where everyone feels heard, supported, and empowered to balance work and family commitments.” Coulter Legal’s success story serves as an inspiration for businesses aiming to champion gender equity, demonstrating that a commitment to inclusivity and communication can lead to transformative change.