This being my first blog here, I would like to introduce you to the Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way,
The gallery consists of 14 double sided billboards located in groupings along a 111km section of the Plenty Highway, about an hour and a half from Alice Springs. Included is billboard #5 at the Engawala community highlighting the Engawala Art Centre, located 25kms off the Plenty Highway. The Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way enables the exhibiting of artworks to be viewed largescale 3.6m x 2.4m and in the landscape, providing a deconstructed viewing experience. To view artworks exhibited

This project has been 6 years in the making, gathering valued support from the Outback Highway Development Council Inc, and securing funding from Australian Government BBRF program and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal to bring the idea to reality. The Outdoor Gallery, Outback Way strives to deliver benefits across multiple sectors including cultural tourism with the development and installation of an outdoor public art gallery.
The inaugural exhibition showcases art from remote and regional artists placing the art back in the open landscape of the Plenty Highway, the traditional country of the East Arrernte people.
Exhibition statistics: 27 artists for the 28 artworks of which 19 are Indigenous artists and 26 women. All artists are remote and regional artists.
We have a number of limited edition A3 size prints available, and with an eye towards business/corporate gifts for Christmas, please consider supporting us.
Sales of originals: 70/30 artist/gallery split
Prints: 80/20 split Artist fee above NAVA standard
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