Tailored Mentoring

Imagine achieving your dream career

96% of women feel guilty at least once a day.


Mentees are 5 times more likely to be promoted.


85% of our mentees have achieved:- promotion, new job, pay rise, job satisfaction

Tailored Mentoring

Unsure how you find your ideal career?

Bored or frustrated in your current role?

Imagine what could happen if you found your ideal role.

Could you achieve more job satisfaction, a promotion, a new job or a pay rise ?

85% of those professionals mentored by Business in Heels have achieved these outcomes.

So how does it work?

1. Confirm your goals & lock in a mentoring program 5 sessions

2. Select your ideal Mentor or Mentors 

3. Attend the sessions and work on achieving your goals


What’s Unique about our Services?

Short Courses

  1. How to make the most of mentoring?
  2. Networking Up
  3. Managing Up
  4. 5 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid
  5. How to Network with Confidence

Access to a Large Range of Mentors

Over 50+ Mentors with experience in a large range of industries



Access to our State of the Art Mentoring Platform

Manage goals & sessions online via the Guider platform



Certification towards Diploma of Leadership & Business

Optional micro-credentialing for past experience & achievements





Complete the Survey

Chat with possible Mentors

Select Mentor

Plan first session date

Mary has been doing the same project manager role for years, she is bored and would love to move areas. She does not know what she needs to do to be noticed or how to discuss this with her manager. She has two kids in primary school who do after-school activities. Her day starts at 6 am getting things ready for them to go to school and by the time dinner is done, she is exhausted. Her only downtime is on the weekends.

Mary is paired up with a mentor in her industry, one who understands what she needs to do and is empathetic to her home situation. The sessions are flexibly planned out over a year so Mary has the time to work on her goals. 

With our Pay as you Go service, you can spread this out for a year paying on average $250 per month.


6 x Mentoring Sessions

Your choice to work with one or many mentors

Our Resources: courses, podcast, blog & video interviews

BIH Starting Out Membership

Access to a network of 200,000

Micro-credentials & Certification to Diploma of Business & Leadership

is an optional extra

 COST $2500 + gst

 Payment options available. $1250 + gst x 2

or $225 + gst x 12

All professional development is tax deductible

Have some questions?

Everyone’s circumstances are unique so have a chat with one of our team to see if this is the solution for you.

Want your company to pay? Ask for a Company Business case.


The Career Success package includes all you need to kick start your career.

Gain Clarity  | Establish your Brand Values  | Build an Action Plan