People Create Success Within Business  

Solutions2you® was created with a clear understanding that people create success within business and that when you bring a clearly thought out and defined Strategy to a team everything is possible. We work with both Start Up’s and established businesses, engaging with multiple stakeholders, transforming both staff and business performances and efficiencies. We work together to deliver successful integrations, increasing profitability, scaling with structured strategies, coaching and mentoring. Specialising in executive coaching and leadership development, we work collectively with your team to create strategies and meaningful connections to support you every step of the journey.

SERVICES : Leadership & Mentoring | Stratagy, Leadership & Finance | Fundementals of Business | Bussiness Advisory & Stratagy 

Meet Cathy Dimarchos 


I am passionate about developing people, and to leave a lasting imprint enabling them to lead a life that they deserve and choose to take. I am here as a guide, a coach, a consultant and a motivational voice, delivering a blue print of business toolkits and solutions to leaders from every imaginable background.