Maximising your Digital Success

In this workshop we will focus on leveraging marketing:-

Learn the benefits of automation.

How to leverage social media

Explore a range of digital tools to save you time

Learn how to put your sales on steroids

The ideal ecosystem to establish.


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Give Your Brand A Voice

Your personal brand does not stop at your logo, your colours, your business card – these catch the prospective client’s attention. To build on that attraction and develop the liking, knowing and trust – your clients want to connect with the person

Trish’s workshop explains:

Why your Brand is not just a logo and business card

Own your uniqueness – showcasing your business

The Branding Iceberg – think outside the box


Free Ebook Becoming an Influencer

Managing Your Cashflow

Good cash flow management is critical to business success and it’s important to know how to successfully manage your business’ revenue and expenses.

In this session, NAB’s business experts will help you understand more about managing your cashflow, why it’s so important and share their hints, tips and ideas to help you improve your business’ cash flow strategies.

• Understand the importance of cash flow management
• Practical tips and hints to manage your business cash flow
• Understanding what your bank is looking for when it comes to cash flow

Elevate Your Energy: Why Food Is Hijacking Your Health

Allyson’s workshop will teach you:

Why diet is the #1 cause of fatigue

5 foods hijacking your health

4 Keys to EASY success in changing your diet

My 90-day roadmap to better health

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