Karen Chaston:

The Chaston Centre’s Co-Founder ~ a place for meaningful living. An international bestselling author of nine books (including four uniquely designed gratitude journals), international speaker, former CPA, LTD company CFO and senior manager for more than 25 years. Visit website.

What inspired you to write your latest book ‘Demystifying Loss’?

When Dan, my 27-year-old son, passed in July 2011 suddenly and unexpectedly at my back door, my life changed forever. 

Within 15 months, I had resigned from being a CFO  and began a personal, professional and spiritual journey culminating in becoming a beyond loss expert and co-founding: The Chaston Centre. 

Through working with my Beyond Loss clients, I began to realise that most of us (me included) are processing loss the hard way.

Though Laura’s comment, was the spark for me to put pen to paper: “Karen, I had my monthly check-up with my doctor the other day and she was surprised when she saw me. As I walked into her office she said “What have you been doing? Your whole persona is different, you are standing taller, you look amazing and somehow more confident?” I mentioned that I had invested in your “Gift of Loss” five-session

1-2-1 program and that we had completed three sessions.She told me to keep her updated as she had never seen such a dramatic change in someone in such a short amount of time. She then lowered my antidepressant prescription to a quarter of what it had been and said to only take it when I needed it. I have not taken any, as thanks to you, I have the tools to see things from a new perspective, so nothing is worrying me as it did before.” 

Can you tell us about the book? 

Are you aware that there are over 40 different loss events that can affect our lives? 

Don’t be surprised if you answered “No”, most people do. As they hear the word loss their mind goes to “Death of a Loved One,’ they don’t consider the other loss events ~ divorce, job loss, health, wealth, our pets. During the recent pandemic ~ loss of freedom, choice, identity, and change in work conditions, recreational and social activities, all came to the forefront.

We all will have multiple loss events throughout our lives. Though most of us have no idea how to heal from one let alone multiple. I call this a ‘Lack of Loss Intelligence’. Our lack of loss intelligence can lead to avoidance and suffering in silence, creating a massive impact on our health, quality of life and relationships.

What does the title mean? 

Demystifying means to make a difficult subject clearer, easier to understand, so as to no longer confuse or mystify someone.

Demystifying Loss is a detailed guide that assists readers to deep dive into many of the different types of losses.  Providing a loving 5-step process that assists the reader to move beyond any kind of loss. Guiding them towards creating their better everyday life. 

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