The conversation around gender equality in sports grows louder each year. Female athletes across the globe are constantly campaigning for equal pay, equal opportunities, additional investment to help the growth and development of sporting codes, prime-time television coverage… the list goes on.
And while the industry has come leaps and bounds in recent years, the reality is that the overall investment into women’s sport is still a far way off their male counterparts. In May 2022, it was announced that AFLW salaries would be increasing by 94%, taking top-tier talent salaries to $71,935 per season. While it was a giant step forward for the league and its goal of full-time professionalism, it is a far cry from the average AFL men’s salary of $372,224. A few months later in August, over 300 leading health and performance experts from across the globe met for the first Woman in Sport congress to share research related to women-specific health topics such as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, nutrition and injury prevention, just to name a few. The research is set to tailor approaches to training, nutrition and preparation specifically to female athletes, in an aim to optimise their performance. On the back of a ground-breaking year for women’s sport in Australia, 2023 is set to raise the bar once again. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide will play host to the world’s largest female sporting event, the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Kicking off in July,the 2023 competition is expected to be the biggest in history.

We have come so far, however, there is still plenty of work to be done.
AFLW Premiership Captain Daisy Pearce says conversation is the key to a more equal playing field across sport in Australia. “I think it’s important to continue the conversation around equality in Australian sport, to help us secure a more prosperous future for female athletes. There are so many wonderful female role models in sport right now and more opportunities than ever before for girls to dream of a career in sport,” she said. “I have seen firsthand the growth in women’s footy and feel proud of what we have achieved over the last few years – and it’s only the beginning! Each and every one of us is passionate about sport, and the codes we represent, and we are proud to be paving the way for future generations.”

On Friday, March 3 rd, Daisy will host the inaugural WOMEN. SPORT. THE FUTURE business luncheon, proudly presented by Pullman Melbourne on the Park, together with Women Sport Australia, will continue the conversation around gender equality in sport.
“WOMEN. SPORT. THE FUTURE provides another platform for our voices to be heard and I am thrilled to be part of the inaugural event,” Daisy said.
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