At the Upcoming Leadership Summit

At the 2023 Leadership Summits this year, Business in Heels will be running professional workshops for attendees during the day. These workshops are run by our Expert Presenters; the best in the business presenting on their area of expertise. Our Expert Presenters are ‘hand-picked’, giving attendees only the best professional development workshops to attend.

At the upcoming Leadership Summit: Women in Law, Finance & Business Services, on Friday 24th February, our workshops will include;

Building a Killer Personal Brand by KAMILA WOLYNIEC

The Art of Achieving Work Life Balance by LINLEY WATSON

Goal Setting, Procrastination & Mental Fitness by TRISH COLEMAN

How to Make Your Worst Employee, one of Your Best or Get Them to Leave! By KAREN CHASTON

Building High-Performing Teams with the Right Culture by TINA DAISLEY

How to Create a Pipeline of Referrals by STEVE SWEENEY

Valuing Your Worth by KISTIN GUNNIS

Read more about the workshops and the presenter on the following pages.

If you are unable to attend the Summit, you still have the opportunity to learn more about the workshop topics. On the following pages learn about the professional topic, three pieces of expert advice and a link to learn more from the Expert Presenter!

Are you struggling with a difficult employee?

Key takeaways from Karen’s workshop:-

1. Learn how to make your worst employee, one of your best or get them to leave.

2. Your People and Your Profits are Connected

3. The three ‘must-have’ insights that ensure your people, purpose and profits are thriving This is a must for any manager looking for ways to reduce staff turnover whilst increasing staff morale, productivity and profits.

Do you dream of achieving better work life balance?

Linley’s key tips

1. Balance your energy and take care of your wellbeing first so you can feel better and do better in all areas of your life

2. Align your goals with your intentions to emphasise who you want to be as much as what you want to achieve

3. Revisit what is most important to you and let your values not your job dictate how you spend your time and energy