Stepping Boldly into your Future

If there is one thing 2022 taught us it was to step boldly forward. We advise this to people all the time so this year we had to woman up and get brave ourselves with the inaugural Gender Equity Awards – Recalibrate. We were so thrilled by the wonderful feeling in the room and the quality of the nominees and judges that we’re going to do it again this year.

Our purpose is to remove the barriers holding women back so you can have an unlimited future. This year, our initiatives supporting this will make our services more affordable and accessible. For example, now our guilt-free mentoring and other mentoring services can be paid off fortnightly and we’re offering a buy now pay later option for digital services.

We’ll continue to expand our mentoring services with Mentor Mornings online and in-person, Group Mentoring, Personalised Mentoring and Company Mentoring solutions with our sister company Business in Mentoring. Today, we have 80 mentors associated with us. All are amazing people who have stepped up to support many of you. We love delivering mentoring as all the studies show it makes a huge difference and we are well on our way to achieving our BHAG to mentor one million women.

Business in Heels continues to expand across the globe with new communities in UAE, Malaysia and USA combining with Australia and NZ. Coming soon is the new format of our Borderless Business Solutions Summits enabling business owners access to people, tools and resources to help them expand.

We are also excited to be able to add credentialing as a benefit to our Leadership Summits. Not only do you get a day of inspiration and professional development, now you can gain credentials too. So finally, how will you make a difference? If you have an idea, don’t overthink it. Think big, woman up and have a go.