Annual Partners
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Our branch is dedicated to providing local women in business with marketing, education and networking opportunities. We’ve discovered these are the essential elements local small business owners want to further their business interests, develop their confidence and meet the people who can help shape their future. 

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, so we create a festive atmosphere at our networking events. Finger food from local suppliers, informative and inspirational speakers, meaningful interactions and networking education are coupled with a glass of bubbles to mix in the fun. As people tell their stories, their barriers come down and genuine relationships crystalise in a safe environment. And our mini-workshops at our events are proving to be a real hit!

The education small business owners want can be facilitated through our branch. We can introduce you to a range of educational courses, mentors, workshops and other resources to help you achieve your goals. Just ask – we’re always happy to help.

Since we’re part of a larger international organisation with over 160,000 connections, we’re certain we can get your business noticed! Talk to us about marketing opportunities like blogs, videos, speaking opportunities and more. We’ll help to get your business in front of the people to make a difference in your life.