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Elevate Me provides personally tailored programs to guide and support professional women to successfully create and navigate a more rewarding and fulfilling path in the later stages of their career and lifework journey.
It’s about you taking back control of your life if you’re not happy. It's about developing your own vision for the life you want to create for yourself. And then building your own blueprint and navigation system for an extraordinary, authentic and personally rewarding life you can thrive in.
So you can be your best, do your best work and make your unique impact on the world!
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Elevate Me provides career development and transition services, including consulting, coaching and mentoring support for career and business women. This is done through personally tailored programs to guide and support professional women to create and navigate a more rewarding and fulfilling path to success in the later stages of their career and lifework journey.

It’s for you whether you’re a mid-senior professional woman looking for ways to get out of a rut into a more fulfilling and rewarding career, or a woman in business wanting to reignite the passion and driving force that made you to start a business. And it’s for you if you’re at a career crossroads and not sure what to do next.

Either way, if you’re not entirely happy with where you’re at and you’re wanting more out of life, Elevate Me can help you get clear, confident and strategic so you can be true to yourself and your needs and succeed on your own terms.

Elevate Me guides and supports women to navigate:

  • The mid-senior career development and transition stages of:
    • Stepping forward and stepping up into peak career performance after career stagnation
    • Stepping up after the stepping back years of raising a family
    • Making the transition from technical to leadership
    • Career reassessment, identifying career needs and what needs to change
    • Reigniting the inner fire and vision for the future if work has lost the spark and you’re wondering where the joy has gone
    • Reinventing yourself and future-proofing your career
  • Their wellbeing maintenance stages:
    • When you want to be proactive and develop wellbeing plans and strategies during the career growth & development stage
    • When you want to put wellbeing back into the picture after success has come at a cost to your wellbeing
  • Their BIG 50 life-reassessment and realignment stage:
    • For when your goals, needs and values have shifted, but your life hasn’t
    • When you’ve been left yearning for something more despite all the successes achieved

The Elevate Me journey is about:

  • Reconnection and clarity about who you are and how you can be at your best
  • Redefining yourself, your limiting beliefs and social conditioning
  • Articulating who you are, what you stand for and what you really want
  • Developing your vision for the future
  • Developing meaningful goals and strategies to get you there
  • Support and accountability to keep you focused and on-track

Along the way, you'll find ways to reinvent yourself, reignite your inner fire and drive, amplify your strengths and unique genius.  Equip yourself with the strategies, support and accountability to create sustainable change and elevate yourself and your career to a higher level of being.

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