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Tina Daisley Culture and Change
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Hello! I’m Tina Daisley. I'm a coach and facilitator for people and teams that want to reconnect with their purpose and values and take control of their future with confidence! I coach and mentor professional, motivated high performing leaders (just like you) to reconnect with your 'why', regain your confidence and courage to live the life of impact you desire. I work with teams who want to go from good to great. Together we'll build vulnerability-based trust as the foundation of your team, locking in a culture of healthy conflict and debate, commitment and accountability, with absolute drive for team results.    I'm passionate about supporting people and teams to take the leap from going with the flow, to taking control and chasing your best life - both at work and at home! 
MRC Training and Events
Melbourne Australia Professional Training & Coaching
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We are all about encouraging, empowering and supporting people on their personal development journey, we focus purely on mindset, tools and techniques to help you grow professionally and personally.  We also run NLP training events for corporations for busy executives.We run events throughout the year as well as being available for boardroom sessions with offices and management team training.  Book MRC training for your next event or training session, Or come along to one of our one day workshops.