Develop your female team with Leadership training

Fast-track their progression with Mentoring

Inspire & encourage with Leadership Summits

Enable with a broad network of support

Develop your female team with Leadership training

Fast-track their progression with Mentoring

Inspire & encourage with Leadership Summits

Enable with a broad network of support

Women leaders don’t just improve financial performance metrics, they also de-risk firm performance.  (Source)

Diversity & Inclusion remains a challenge with 34% of senior leaders being female and 19% of CEOs. (WGEA)

Increased Promotion and retention rates for minorities and women from 15% to 38% as compared to non-mentored employees. (Source)

The Business Case is clear, Female Leaders are good for business.

The Economist and McKinsey Global Institute estimate that “if the gender gaps in participation, hours worked and productivity were all bridged, the world economy would be $28.4 trillion (or 26%) richer” Source

Welcome to Business in Heels, enabling organisations to

succeed through the empowerment of their female employees.

Trying to achieve diversity and inclusion goals? Need to fast-track your pipeline of female executives?

Build the capacity of your team, improve retention, productivity and alignment with our services.

“The real competitive advantage in a business is one word, only, which is “people”.”


writer & thought leader


Mentoring matters, it is a fast track way to build capacity, improve engagement &  retention.And it can be used to align mentees with the company goals and KPI’s resulting in improved productivity.

The Business Case

            • 67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring (Source)
            • 55% of businesses felt that mentoring had a positive impact on their profits (Source)
            • More than 4 in 10 workers, who don’t have a mentor say they’ve considered quitting their job in the past three months (Source)
            • 71% of people with a mentor say their company provides them with good opportunities to advance in their career, compared with 47% of those without a mentor (Source)
            • 94% of employees said they would stay at a company longer if they were offered opportunities to learn and grow (Source)
            • Mentoring programs boosted minority representation at the management level from 9% to 24% (Source)
            • Increased Promotion and retention rates for minorities and women from 15% to 38% as compared to non-mentored employees (Source)



Aside from the systemic issues holding women back, there are a number of common roadblocks that can easily be addressed with some training.

Lack of confidence, imposter syndrome and family guilt often find female employees clearing their inboxes rather than building essential business relationships & expanding their networks.

Explore courses:-

Managing Up

Networking Up

How to be a Confident Networker

Women in Leadership 5 things to avoid.

By providing your female team with ongoing support at critical career milestones like; promotion and parental leave, you will build loyalty and improve retention.

Our Services


Experience a unique combination of workshops and individual mentoring to ignite your high potential females.

Enable them to learn the common barriers, and develop their personal brand & career strategy.

Then accelerate this with personal mentoring enabling them to best deal with their unique situations and skill sets.

The outcome is a united team forming a cohort of support and encouraging one another to succeed. 


Enable your female leaders to develop in a team where they will learn, develop and be held accountable. Utilizing experienced mentors to lead the group, providing wisdom and support.

Explore the roadblock & gain CLARITY on what you need to do.

LEARN how to value your worth.

BUILD your network. LEARN the skills to network up.

Be held ACCOUNTABLE and to ensure you ACHIEVE.

SHARE wins & losses with people who truly understand your challenges.


Inspire and develop your female team in an encouraging community that will compliment your organisation.

Expand their horizons with external ideas, experiences and stories.

Support your team of female leaders with ongoing access to our education, community, mentoring and events. The community spans over 160,000 business & professional women.

The benefits are immeasurable.

Build your Leaders Capacity

Mentoring is like any other leadership skill that needs to be developed.

Provide your leaders with the knowledge, framework and tools to maximise their impact as mentors within the organisation.

Develop your senior team with our accredited Mentoring Masterclass.The course takes about 2 1/2 hours to complete online at their leisure.

All quizzes and case studies need to be completed and passed to achieve certification.


Send your team to our one-day Leadership Summits in industry sectors; Finance, Marketing, Insurance, Law & Technology. They are great team-building exercises.

  • Be inspired and learn from amazing female leaders who are not afraid to be vulnerable and real.
  • Expand your thinking with the panel discussions.
  • Learn from the two interactive workshops
  • Engage & connect with others to expand your network

“It was the most engaging day I have ever spent online, I was glued to the screen. “Barbara Rabinowicz

Brilliant session … informative and thought-provoking. Michelle K

Indicative workshops:-

  • Welcome to the Boardroom
  • The Secrets to Building Resilience
  • The Secrets to Engaging High Performing teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Using LinkedIn to Boost your Brand, Career and Attract Promotion.
  • Valuing Your Worth
  • Courageous and Compassionate Leadership

Company Mentoring

Build capability and fast-track your team with a company-wide solution.

Unlike other Mentoring services it:-

allows organisations to customise to enable goal alignment & KPI achievement

works with a tech platform and so is scaleable

has a 3 prong matching system that considers values, skills & experience

includes Mentor Masterclass to build the capability of the mentors

a measurement facility that reports on mentee transformation & ROI.

Explore your options with our partner organisation Business in Mentoring

Brilliant speakers, meaningful topics and good quality people attending.  One of the best professional events I have been to.  Thanks for the down to earth advice in the session today, and for being so fundamentally authentic and inspirational.

Ruth Jones

Strategic Compliance & Commercial Manager, Telstra

Business in Heels is an awesome platform to get to know yourself and also to have perspective on what everyone else is doing. It really opened up my mind to other opportunities and ideas. See you there!
Nabila Adnan

Principal, Digital & Innovation, Global , BHP

Thanks so much for an interesting and helpful session. Talking with a mentor was a great help in my leadership journey.

Clare Holohan

Business & Commercial Bank Specialist, ANZ



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Join the community of Professionals. Connect and follow Professionals in Heels.

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