by on 14 August, 2018
At just 17, Sydney-based millennial Cassandra Hili started a small business while in the midst of a dramatic weight loss journey, all of which led to an internationally acclaimed Ebook. Now at just 24, Hili is celebrating another self-made success: The nearly two- year anniversary of her PR firm Millennium Communications. While she boasts a client list of internationally acclaimed brands, Hili ensures she gives back; being an ambassador for Make Bullying History and the Young Entrepreneur Co. Hi...
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by on 13 August, 2018
You know the age old saying about what goes on behind closed doors? Well that sums up my family the one I grew up in! All polished on the outside, smiley shiny happy normal functional people - but with a deep dark secret, one that no one knew of that was so tightly kept. My name is Adele and this is my story, and what I aim to achieve out of sharing it with people is for them to know that perfect doesn’t work. Perfect isn’t possible. Perfect is exhausting. ** This is by no means a political piec...
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by on 15 November, 2017
As old worlde style meets turmeric latte one of the oldest precincts in the growing regional hub of Geelong, South Geelong is becoming increasingly popular. This isn’t just because of its heritage streetscape says Julie O’Donohue, founder of Next Address. “When people speak about loving the area, they are also talking about liveability and according to the research we have done locally, the livability factor here is off the charts.” says Julie. Within an hour by train you are in inner city Melbo...
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by on 9 September, 2017
Moeloco, means Dream Crazy and this is my crazy story.  Deciding to start a business isn’t always easy and I admit, I was a bit of a serial entrepreneur in the past. Prior to starting Moeloco, I went through the process of discovering who I was and appreciating my many unique gifts – and it was through recognising my self-worth that I discovered a deep desire to inspire others.  Through meeting like-minded people on my life’s travels, I made a discovery that would change my life forever: there ...
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by on 15 August, 2017
Scatter cushions – the cheapest & fastest way to change colour & themes in a room. You can pick up some great cushions from Spotlight, target and Adairs which work well for layering. Mix these with some special ones from more selective stores, or choose your own fabric and have them made. Flowers – they add colour and create a lovely feel and warmth to any home & needn’t be expensive. Grab some cuttings from the garden, even greenery in a vase can look amazing. Artificial flowers also work well,...
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by on 30 July, 2017
Many people in a 'knowledge' based business are overwhelmed by the thought of writing their first major book. So it's quite common that they'll say "I just want to write a short eBook to put on Amazon". Hey, I get that, my first book (a marketing manual) was only about 70 pages, the second one 46 pages, and it felt like I was feeling my way across a dark room. I didn't know how to extend it -- or even if I should. I decided that self-publishing was the only way an unknown novice like me was goin...
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by on 27 June, 2017
As I work with many clients who are building their ‘Forever Home’ I get asked a lot about whether to engage an architect or draftsman. I thought it may be helpful to briefly run through the differences between an architect and a draftsman, as there can be misunderstanding about what the two provide. An architect is someone who has completed a degree and has a minimum two years of experience. They must also register themselves annually, and that involves a certain amount of hours of further stud...
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by on 20 June, 2017
There comes a time when we may need to downsize. Our current home is too large, or we just need less. So what’s the best way to do this? Look for a single level home, or one with all living area and the master bedroom on the same level. A smaller garden can also be more manageable, with minimal lawn. There are a few key things to consider when downsizing;- The first thing is to declutter. You are most likely going to have less rooms in the home you move to, so you won’t need as much furniture. T...
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by on 19 April, 2017
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by on 12 April, 2017
Personal branding, is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others. And social media is one of the keys (if not the biggest key) to managing your personal brand online. You have heard about viral videos or viral photos that you see being viewed and shared in social media a million times. Those are videos or photos that are either intentional or unintentionally created to either educate, entertain, inform or influence the viewer. Some of the unintentional viral ...
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by on 10 April, 2017
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by on 4 March, 2017
There are many reasons why your media release is overlooked - your timing is off (the story has already been done), the journalist has not seen your release, or it is not the right fit. But … if you factor in the common mistakes people make when sending a story to a journalist, you can minimise your story being sent to the recycle bin. Here are my top 7 (there are lots more but these are the main boo boos that stood out to me when I was the on the receiving end of media releases) 1. Like murky w...
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