by on 27 October, 2017
Sometimes when we go out on our own, freelancing, consulting, or coaching - we don't really know how to price our personal services. Many freelancers undercut to score work, but don't figure their costs, training, hardware, sick days/holidays, or Super into their hourly rate equation. Freelance proposals were always a source of concern for me when I was a freelance copywriter. So to support others delving into freelancing, I created an income calculation tool. You can put in your desired annual ...
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by on 8 September, 2017
New Australian book on How to Start a Freelance Business After a decade of performing freelance services, along with being a Mum, author Jennifer Lancaster details the virtues and drawbacks of the freelance lifestyle in her new book. Jennifer says: “While newbies assume they can just jump onto ‘’ or another crowdsourcing site and get work, there is a lot more to freelancing than that. To say that you need good advice to properly run a freelance business is an understatement”.   Ho...
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by on 21 March, 2017
  From 1 January 2017, tax rates changed forworking holiday makers who are in Australiaon a 417 or 462 visa (these rates are known as'working holiday maker tax rates'). If a business employs a working holiday makerin Australia on a 417 or 462 visa, from 1 January2017, they should withhold 15% from every dollarearned up to $37,000, with foreign resident taxrates applying from $37,001. Businesses must register with the ATO by 31January 2017 to withhold at the working holidaymaker tax rate. If they...
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by on 15 March, 2017
Think you might have been a victim of a tax scam? You should be wary of emails, faxes, SMS and phone calls claiming to be from the ATO. These could be scams designed to trick you into paying money or providing personal information. Once they have your information, scammers may use it to: access your bank accounts take out loans in your name lodge false tax returns or BAS statements claim Centrelink or other benefits. If you think you are a victim of a tax-related scam, phone us on 1800 008 54...
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by on 15 March, 2017
Did you know? Employers have to give every new employee a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement (the Statement) before, or as soon as possible after, they start their new job. The Statement provides new employees with information about their conditions of employment. The Statement has information on: the National Employment Standards right to request flexible working arrangements modern awards making agreements under the Fair Work Act individual flexibility arrangements freedom of associ...
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by on 13 March, 2017
Thinking you have outgrown your soletrader status? Looking to minimise your tax? Have you considered entering into a Family Trust structure? The term family trust refers to a discretionary trust set up to hold a family's assets or to conduct a family business. Generally, they are established for asset protection or tax purposes.   What is a Family Trust in Australia?   An Australian family trust: is generally established by a family member for the benefit of members of the 'family group'; can ...
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by on 13 March, 2017
Do you employee a casual to help you out in your business?   Did you know that irrespective of whether you pay them as an employee or require them to have an ABN, you may have to pay them superannuation?   And if they do not have an ABN, and are working as an employee, you may need to pay PAYG and superannuation?   Make sure you know the employment laws before you make the decision to employ staff.  
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by on 4 January, 2017
Every other important aspect of yout business is covered by a contract - lease of premises, supplier agreemetns, customer arrangements so why should staff be any different? Despite what many people think you really need a contract of employment for every employee. Yes, even your first employee. Many micro businesses don't set employment contracts until they have severl employees - I know of one company that had 12 staff before they set contracts up -and this is very risky. As with any contract, ...
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by on 30 November, 2016
    I’m always surprised to hear of women who run pretty big businesses yet have a very minimal focus on good contracts. I obviously know all of the best practices, in fact I advise on these practices daily so it only makes sense that I would be a little over the top with my concerns, but come on ladies, it’s time to get serious about protecting your interests. I’m sure if I flicked through your desk draw I wouldn’t be surprised at how many contacts I would find unsigned, undrafted or underd...
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by on 14 November, 2016
I think naturally, as women, we hold the words of others to a much higher standard. Most of us would like to believe the best in people. And that if we go into a business relationship of any kind, they’ll play fair and keep to their end of the bargain. After all, you want to do business with people you like and trust. Unfortunately, life isn’t always like that. People you once got along with famously suddenly turn leaving you wondering what the heck happened. Which is why going into any business...
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